Choosing the Right Technology

Published 2011-01-12

I’m server-side guy – I can’t stand presentation and fiddling with CSS. A good front-end developer is worth their weight in gold. Until I can afford to hire one, I’ll just slog through JQuery and the browser wars. Of course, you may gouge out your eyes when you look at my site.

I did play around way too much thinking about the server-side tech, though. I proto’d in Hunchentoot (Lisp) and considered Yaws (Erlang). In the end, I went with Django (Python). Most of my web-based work has been in Perl with home-grown frameworks, then recently with Catalyst. I wanted to make a break from Perl 5 (Perl 6 I’ll be using as soon as I can), so I moved over to Python/Django. It’s got a great community and it’s a seasoned framework. I don’t find Python especially compelling, but Django’s easy to work with. One of these days I’ll figure out the “why” of

Having spent most of my life using make, I’ve bypassed the Python build mechanisms with a plethora of Makefile‘s. It was a bit stupid and has led to some silliness.

One pleasant surprise is the packaging mechanism in Arch Linux. One configuration file, which is a shell script, and you’re done. Setting up a repository is just an ftp server, modifying a configuration, and a couple easy steps. That takes care of big chunk of deployment. Arch FTW.